Your daily driver coffee blend.

This is our house coffee, our darkest roast level. The blend of coffee rotates with the seasons, allowing us to always comprise the blend of freshly harvested coffee. House blend is perfect for the coffee drinker that likes to add a splash of cream, and it is also delicious black, if you enjoy a sturdier cup. We think it tastes great as both filter & espresso.



12oz bag5lb bag




Hand-Roasted Monday-Friday.


All bags are sealed immediately for freshness.


Guaranteed safe & fresh delivery.


"11 years ago I developed an idea to re-create the same perfect moment we all look forward to each morning:

The moment where the warmth of your own home meets the heavenly aroma of a cup waiting for you.

The moment when you can actually taste what "smooth" tastes like.

The moment when you realize you're about to have a great day.

At Hidden House Coffee Roasters, our vision is simple: Hospitality and an on going pursuit of quality.

From sourcing green coffee, roasting each bean in-house, to the final cup (in our shop or in your home).

Each step of the process is meticulously handled to bring you stellar coffee that recreates that perfect moment."





Checkout some of our suggested brewing methods.
  • Aerobie Aeropress
  • Kalita Wave 185
  • french PRESS
  • Hario V60
  • Chemex

Aerobie Aeropress

16g coffee (paper filter grind), 235g water, 2:15 brew time

Invert aeropress and place on scale (Top of the plunger is on the scale, with the hole that the filter covers, facing up). Pre heat the press and your desired decanter and place 3 paper filters in the cap and rinse. Dump the pre heat water out and add the coffee to the press, make sure the bed of coffee is level.

At this point, start your timer and start pouring up to 60g. Once you’ve hit 60gs, stir as aggressively as you can until you reach 30 seconds. 

Now, you’re going to fill the aeropress up to 235g. It should pretty much be full at this point. Now that you’ve added all the water, place the cap and rinsed filters on the press. We’re going to let the coffee steep until 1:15. Once we hit 1:15 were going to flip and place the aeropress on the decanter, and slowly press the plunger down, shooting for a 60 second plunge, finishing at 2:15.

Kalita Wave 185

30g coffee, 510 water, 3:00 brew time

The Kalita Wave is one of our favorite brew methods. The flat bottom of the brewer makes this method a little more user friendly but without sacrificing the ability to brew delicious coffee. Inspired by the simplicity of the brewer, we have a simple method to brew coffee with it. As always, rinse your filter and pre heat your brewer and decanter, to begin. Grind your 30gs of coffee on a medium coarse grind. Add your coffee into the filter, tare your scale, and start your timer. At this point pour 60g water over your coffee and let this sit for 30 seconds.

Once you’ve hit 30 seconds, start a slow steady pour, making sure you’re saturating all the coffee evenly. Make sure you’re rinsing down the sides of the filter to avoid “high and drys”, as well. Once you’ve hit 510g water, stop pouring and TAP the Wave on the top of the decanter twice. Let the coffee finish drawing down. Hopefully, you have achieved a brew time between 2:45 and 3 minutes and your coffee bed is completely flat when finished.

French Press

25g coffee, 400 water, 4:00 brew time

The French press is one of the most popular manual brew methods ever and is capable of making delicious coffee with minimal effort. Here’s how we do it.

Pre heat the press by pouring a small amount of water into the bottom. Grind your 25g coffee on a coarse setting. Dump your rinse water and add your coffee. Tare your scale, start your timer and start pouring.

Pour up to 60gs and let sit for 30 seconds. Once you’ve hit 30 seconds pour the rest of your water in, up to 400gs. Once you’ve hit 400gs stir 10 times and then put the lid on and allow the coffee to steep until you hit 3 minutes. At this point, take 2 spoons and remove all the grounds sitting on the surface of the coffee. Once you’ve done that, place the lid on the press and press the plunger down at the 4 minute mark.

Hario V60

22 grams coffee, 350 grams water, 2:10- 2:15 brew time

Preheat/rinse filter, 22g coffee, grind on appropriate setting (medium size grind). Start timer, presoak coffee bed 50g and bloom until 30 seconds. Add water until 150g, agitate and gently scrape the coffee from the edge of the filter back to the center without hitting the bottom bed of coffee.

Add more water until 350g and agitate and gently scrape the coffee from the edge of the filter back to the center without hitting the bottom bed of coffee, finish these steps by 1:40 to have your total brew time to finish at 2:10.


44-46 grams coffee, 700 grams water, 4:05-4:10 brew time

Preheat/rinse filter, 46g coffee, grind on appropriate setting (usually coarse), and start timer. Presoak coffee bed 90g, bloom until 40 seconds, add water until 350g, agitate and gently scrape the coffee from the edge of the filter back to the center without hitting the bottom bed of coffee.

Add more water until 700g and agitate and gently scrape the coffee from the edge of the filter back to the center without hitting the bottom bed of coffee. Finish these steps by 2:00 to have your total brew time to finish at 4:05.



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