Our story is years in the making.

Image of the founder and owner of Hidden House Coffee, Ben

Meet our founder, Ben

Ben Briggs is a second-generation marine turned entrepreneur. At 21 years old, he had just returned from deployment, and was trying to figure out his life. In fact, at this point Ben didn't even like coffee yet alone know about specialty coffee. He wasn't sure where to start, but he saw the opportunity of a lifetime: open a business using the money he saved from deployment and learn the ropes as he goes.

This resulted in opening a coffee shop with the help from friends and family at a little 120-year-old house on Los Rios Street in San Juan Capistrano.

14 years later, Ben has travelled across the world sourcing coffee, learning from the world's best coffee farmers, and meeting the people that are a part of the process of producing incredible coffee. What started as a tiny business opportunity has turned into the experience of a lifetime meeting customers, sharing memories, and enjoying beautiful coffee.

Image of coffee being poured into a bucket before the roasting process.

The Hidden House Difference

What makes Hidden House different?

When you drink coffee at Hidden House, there is a difference in taste. This is really easy to say, and even more difficult to prove.

We source fresh, high-quality coffee, and most of that coffee is purchased directly from the farmers themselves. We travel to the many of the farms we purchase green coffee from, because ethical direct-trade coffee is important to us. We work with import partners to bring that coffee directly to our roastery in Santa Ana where we roast, package and ship that coffee abroad.

We know where every single bean comes from, and we carefully handle every step of the process with great care. We strive to ensure you get the best version of your coffee, every single time.

The final step of this process is at our coffee bars. We have a wonderful staff dedicated to serving you exceptional coffee with great service. Our goal is to highlight wonderful coffee while providing a welcoming environment, whether you are just paying us a visit or sticking around to do some work.