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Ethiopia Guji Uraga

Ethiopia Guji Uraga

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Guji Uraga coffee comes from the Guji Uraga washing station, located in the Uraga district of the Guji zone in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The woreda, or district, of Uraga is bordered on the south by Odo Shakiso, on the west by the Borena Zone, on the north by the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, and on the east by Bore.

The washing station is located in the kebele of Solomo, where the washing station has 12 standardized washing tanks, 400 drying beds, and 5.2 hectares planted with coffee. The soil is fertile and red/brown in color, and coffee plants are shaded by Cordia Africana, Acacia, and Enset trees. The kebele averages 11.4–25.6° C, and receives around 1525 ml of yearly rainfall.

This lot of coffee underwent Natural processing. Coffee cherries are sorted to remove less dense fruit prior to processing. The cherries are then moved to raised beds where they are dried in full sun for approximately 21 days.

This is our first year purchasing this coffee. On the cupping table, we were immediately surprised with the bright fruit flavors present and an extremely clean finish. Enjoy this coffee hot or cold on filter, or on cold brew.


ELEVATION: 2,200 Meters

PROCESS: Naturals

VARIETY: Heirloom

TASTING NOTES: Strawberry, Plum, Fudge Brownie

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