Panama Elvin Rios Reserve

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In May HHC hit a milestone, our 10th birthday. To celebrate we purchased a few high quality, fun coffees as a treat for ourselves and our customers. Volcanic soil and meticulous processing make coffees from Panama some of the best in the world. We are extemply excited to share this with you.

More on Elvin, his delicious coffee and the Creative Coffee Project from the importer, Ally Coffee:

Elvin is 37 and started working with coffee four years ago, when he began managing the land he rented from a friend. He came with the initiative of planting coffee because he felt it was a dignified way to earn his living. He now manages two farms; El Letrero of seven hectares, two planted with coffee and El Paraíso of eight hectares, three planted with coffee, both in Hornitos.

Elvin has planted a total of 22,000 coffee trees of Catuai and Obata varieties. During the main harvest, from October to January, he hires five extra employees from the region who help him with the cherry picking. Once they’ve collected all the cherries, they take them in sacks to the Creativa’s wet mill, to continue the next stages of processing.

According to Elvin, “The importance of art in life is that you must have a love for things, that is, if you love what you do, everything will be art. I want you to feel the same emotion that I feel when I talk to you about coffee because I love what I do. That’s art.” Elvin identifies with the color yellow, calling it “a vivid color; it’s pure energy.”

Creativa Coffee District

Creativa Coffee District captures the collision between coffee and art in an equilibrium that inspires collaboration and change. The processing facility in the Chiriquí province of Panama serves as a canvas for coffee professionals to create masterpieces that elevate the taste experience.

With the sustainability of future generations in mind, Creativa uses renewable energy during processing and transport to shrink their carbon footprint. The project is made possible by cooperation between the environment and the community. Creativa Coffee District purchases cherries from smallholders in Hornito, Boquete, and Renacimiento coffee areas of Chiriquí and conducts all stages of processing, drying, and export preparation. At Creativa, coffee production is an art form.