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Hidden House Coffee

Guatemala Pura Fruta

Guatemala Pura Fruta

Region: San Marcos

Elevation: 1200 Meters

Process: Natural

Tasting notes: Strawberry Jam, Lavender, Fig

Weight: 12oz, 5lb


In 1977, Mr. Samuel Coto Escobar purchased Finca El Platanillo and managed it until 1985. In 1985 the farm management was passed to Mr. Samuel’s youngest son, Mr. Stuardo Coto. Since then, management has focused on the ecosystem, the community, coffee quality and productivity.

At Finca El Platanillo, Stuardo has managed to create an environment compliant with certifications and with his own personal quest to find the balance between the ecosystem and a productive coffee plantation as a wholesome unit. 

This is our second year offering coffee from Finca El Platanillo. We were extremely impressed tasting this coffee, tasting jammy flavors of strawberry, fig, with a wonderful floral aroma. We think it tastes excellent and is equally exciting on any brew method.

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