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Hidden House Coffee

Colombia La Cinta Honey

Colombia La Cinta Honey

Hey there, need a little pick-me-up? Our Columbia La Cinta coffee is just what you need to shake off the doldrums and inject a little fun into your day. With its sweet and fruity notes of peach, honeysuckle, and butterscotch, this honey-processed coffee is like a carnival ride for your taste buds. Picture yourself sipping on a hot cup of our rich and flavorful coffee, feeling the world wake up around you and the caffeine kick in. Whether you're a morning zombie or an afternoon slump survivor, our Columbia La Cinta is the perfect sidekick to any adventure.

Region: Tolima

Elevation: 1,700 Meters

Process: Honey

Varietals: Caturra, Tabi

Tasting notes: Peach, Honeysuckle, Butterscotch

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