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Hidden House Coffee

Colombia Aponte Village

Colombia Aponte Village

We are excited to finally offer coffee from Aponte Village. This coffee stood out for its syrupy body, complex fruit flavor, sweetness and clean finish. This honey processed Colombian coffee will taste great on any brew method.


ELEVATION: 2,100 Meters



TASTING NOTES: Orange, Cherry, Butterscotch

This particular Honey lot is Produced by smallholders in rural areas in Aponte, Nariño. Most of the coffee growers who contributed to this lot belong to an indigenous reserve called Aponte., made up of approximately 200 coffee growers from different associations across this region. Coffee farmers who are part of this Regional Plus program started creating Honey processed coffees in 2018. They have achieved great success with this method due to the low volume of coffee they process this way. Additionally, the weather conditions are perfect for processing Honeys which results in complex and delicate cup profiles.

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