We travel the world ourselves before sourcing any beans we use.

Roasted In-House

We handle every single step ourselves - from farm to cup.

Delivered Fresh

Each bag is roasted to order and sealed immediately for peak freshness.

It's Time To Give Up.

You give up certain things when you drink Hidden House Coffee. 

Things like bitterness, over-priced $6 cups, and beans that are burnt more than a s'more at a bonfire.

A shocking revelation: Hidden House Coffee does not re-invent the wheel when it comes to sourcing and roasting coffee.

Why? Well, if it ain't broke... Don't fix it. And by that, we mean a process of delivering undying quality, flavor, and balance in a cup.

Coffee, Sourced With Pure Intentions

We do our very best to make every coffee we offer as approachable as possible for all types of coffee drinkers.

It doesn't matter to us if you know what a "washed process" is or if you are the type of person that walks up to the counter and simply asks for "a large black coffee."

You're welcome here.

No matter who you are, we can guarantee a few things about whatever coffee your order online or in our shop...

... We create roast profiles on all ends of the spectrum to ensure everybody's tastes are met.

... We source green coffee beans through fair-trade relationships we personally cultivate with every single coffee farmer we meet so we can ensure every bean is sustainable, fresh, and of the highest quality.

... We are involved in each step of the process from sourcing, milling, roasting, packaging, and serving each and every order.

... We promise our very own "freshness guarantee" on every single order.